Marci Fine

39, National Cable Communications
The Ultimate Transformation Program

Working with Angelina
has transformed my life!

Before working with Angelina, I was always tired and stressed; eating on the run and trying to grab the healthiest option. I knew I could take better care of my body. I just didn't know how. Now, I plan and prepare my meals for the week and know that I'm supporting my body and I have the energy to tackle my hectic schedule.

Working with Angelina has transformed my life! She is a phenomenal coach and listener. I am busy. I have a very full life and I was concerned about not having enough time to prepare healthy foods and that I simply couldn't cook. Through her personalized approach, she helped me overcome each concern and today I love making quick, nutritious and delicious snacks and meals!

In addition to learning about nutrition, I've gained so much more from working with Angelina. My confidence in the kitchen has boomed and I now prioritize time for myself. Initially, I thought time for myself would be one more task on my ‘to do' list. Ironically, I've found it rejuvenates me, organizes me and allows me to be more focused and effective the rest of the time!

The tools I've learned have made such a huge difference in my life and I want to share them with everyone. If anyone has questions or doubts, I would love to talk to them!

Melissa Fox

35, Holistic Health Counselor
The Fast Track Program

I realized that nothing is
more important than my health

Before I met Angelina, the only cooking I had done in my entire life was microwaving a frozen dinner! Angelina and I started working together during a critical crossroads in my life and my health. She walked the path with me, teaching me how to eat, cook, and find balance in both my body and my life. During each session, she gave me exactly what I needed to make steady and measurable progress - not only in my eating, but in balancing my body to be the healthiest I have ever been. Throughout the program, Angelina listened and understood how I felt. She was always armed with information and education; and talked me through new concepts and ideas in a way that made complete sense to me. As a result, I now cook 90% of the time at home, along with having a full schedule and I am the ‘go-to' person among my family and friends for all things food and health related. It changed my life so much that I knew I had to pay forward what Angelina empowered me with. Did you notice? I'm a holistic health counselor now too!

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is as precious in life as your health. I almost let the obstacle of money and a significant other deter me from doing this program. I am so glad I stuck with it and I realized nothing is more important than my health. I encourage everyone to do it! Please don't let the voice in your head detract you from taking this amazing commitment to your health. Yes, it is a financial investment but the return you will get in your health is, as they say-priceless.

Kristen Brokaw

34, Nutraceuticals Sales Rep
The Ultimate Transformation

I learned how to bring
my life into balance

Before I began working with Angelina, I was always hungry and always rushing. I never planned meals and I did not know what to eat. I was overwhelmed and overworked. My energy levels were OK and I was getting a lot done but I was not in control of my life. Life was running me. More accurately: my house, my job, my aspirations, my relationship, and my Pilate's career were more in charge of my schedule than I was!

After the 6 month program I now cook for myself (and I'm good at it), my sugar cravings have reduced and I feel amazing in my own skin. I have learned how to make my health and wellness a priority. I now take time to slow down and create the life I want, rather than being constantly stressed and frazzled. And if and when I get stressed again, I now understand how to bring myself back into balance. I have a well-managed schedule, including time for self-care, exercising, grocery shopping and fun! Oh yeah, I have tons more joy in my life! I feel so self confident, happy, and I am gentler on myself!

Paula Kesseler

50, Recreation Therapist
The Fast Track Program

Working with Angelina has
changed the way I relate to food

Before working with Angelina, I hated grocery shopping and was not very excited about cooking. I know a lot about healthy eating, but I was not implementing it. Often times I was confused, so I just decided to do nothing at all. I was tired all of the time. Ultimately, my goal was to enhance my current health, reduce sugar cravings, and increase my energy.

I am now eating a greater variety of health foods and have decreased my intake of sugar. I am cooking more but saving time because the recipes are quick and easy to follow. I feel my energy has increased and my sleep is much deeper.

At each session, Angelina helped me set small attainable goals. I also received a food list and recipes. This helps me with grocery shopping and meal planning. I am trying foods that I have never tried before because I now know what these foods are, their health benefits and how to use them.

I am impressed by Angelina's incredible knowledge on food, nutrition, health and wellness. I also respect her honesty. If she does not have an answer to a question, she researches it, and finds an answer. Angelina makes this learning process educational and also motivates me to want to change how I see food and use food in my day to day life.

Sue Eckhardt

59, Alternative Hospice
The Fast Track Program

I have learned to take care
of myself and never give up!

My energy and stamina were both very low before working with Angelina. I was working 10-12 hours a day, gaining weight, depressed, anxious, stressed, considering a job change, and I was not sure what had created the downward spiral. I also noticed that I had dry skin, weak brittle nails, lower back aches, and constipation. I was exercising inconsistently, cooking only 20% of meals at home, eating out for convenience, and craving sugar and coffee everyday. I knew what I was supposed to do, but I was not doing it.

By the second session I was noticing more energy, and after the third session with Angelina I was no longer feeling the 3pm slump at work. I began cooking at home and taking my lunch and snacks with me. I also began recognizing for the first time what foods work best in my body. I felt more centered, focused and clear, and eventually decided to quit my job to find one that was in line with my beliefs and the lifestyle that I want for myself! I have now found a balance between my rest and my work. I am gentle on myself. I am cooking and planning my meals (not always, but more often than I was previously.) I am conscious of what I eat and when to rest, more consistent with exercise, and better at including things in my life that are important to me.

Of all of the things Angelina taught me in the 6-month program, the one that made the most impact was to not give up. If and when I make a choice that makes me feel bad, I just make a better choice the next time. I will not give up or beat myself up ever again. I am powerful!

Therese Kulla-Abbott PhD

52, Educator
The Fast Track Program

Eating healthfully, exercising,
and a desire to live life to the fullest

Before working with Angelina I was struggling with low energy, insulin resistance, hypothyroid, and fatty liver disease. I had been taking steps toward recovery. I was working with a personal trainer who suggested that I see Angelina to take a closer look at my diet. I wanted more help toward reaching my optimal weight and health. I was eating healthy (or so I thought) and working out 5 days a week, but I was still crashing at 3 pm, craving sweets in the evening, desiring less belly fat, and a balance between eating and living.

Throughout the program I began eating more vegetables and a greater variety of protein. I found a breakfast that kept me full and started snacking less. I began cooking more at home on Sundays to ensure I had plenty of wholesome healing foods for the week. I lost 15 pounds, my liver enzymes normalized, I began to have energy and enjoy social activities. I practiced resting and taking care of my needs.

I knew a lot of what Angelina talked about, but throughout the program I cultivated an understanding of my already existing self-knowledge. She helped me to see that I was wasting a lot of energy searching for new ways to feel better instead of implementing what I already knew. She also supported me in thinking about my future and what I wanted for my retirement. I am grateful for the freedom that gave me!

Angelina's gentle, joyous and open spirit fostered me to be gentle with myself and trust myself. She helped me savor the simple joys of sharing knowledge and recipes, and inspired me to be "settled" in my own skin, no matter what my weight. Eating healthfully, exercising, and my desire to live fully were enriched by Angelina and I'll be forever grateful to her. She nurtured my soul.

Kay Collier

56, Caretaker
The Essentials Program

Angelina helped me to
discover joy in food and life again

When I came to Angelina my main concern was losing weight and feeling better in my body. Often times after work I felt like a train had hit me and there was no more that I could do, much less take care of my own needs. I worked at a restaurant but barely took the time to eat. I'd forget to feed myself because there was always something pressing to do. It was time for a change and I thought the 6 month program would help point me in the right direction.

During the program I began to eat breakfast and lunch everyday. I would ask the staff to cook some of the new foods that Angelina would teach me about. After 2 months I was losing weight and feeling more energetic. It was challenging to change my habits, but I realized that under it all I was not taking care of myself because I thought I was not worth it. I began to shift my mindset, to look at life differently, and made some big life changes to improve my happiness. I moved into a new office, and eventually was laid off my job (a miracle in disguise). As I added in more energy producing foods, and refined my diet to work for my body type, I reduced my cravings for sugar, coffee, and soda. They just fell away. I no longer beat myself up about food. Angelina is an angel. She helped me to discover joy in food and life again.

Samantha Saltzman

26, Student / Trader Joe's Employee
The Fast Track Program with her mother Louise

I learned how to use new foods to
give me energy and balance my body

Before I started working with Angelina, I was chronically fatigued, drinking three cups of coffee a day, gaining weight from my Crohn's disease medication, and I was completely exhausted by 4:30 pm. After school or work I would have no other option but to go home and take a nap. I found myself stuck in the cycle of waking up from a nap and then staying home and relaxing, instead of going out and having fun.

Through working with Angelina I have learned about new foods that give me energy. I am proud to say that I don't drink coffee anymore. I loved cooking even before the program, but now I am great at whipping up something quick and healthy for me and my family. I eat tons of healthy greens and grains, my energy is fantastic, I take fewer naps, my digestion is better, I've lost a few pounds and I discovered that I am gluten intolerant. I now use my foods to give me energy and balance my body. My psoriasis is even improving! I can't wait to see what happens in another 6 months!

Amy Fine

36, Program Development Specialist
The Fast Track Program with her husband Jason Fine

Angelina provides customized
solutions to your particular situation

Since we started working with Angelina, we can tell a real difference in the way we feel (much healthier), and have had several people comment on us "looking" healthier. We are halfway through the program and already know we've learned a ton of things we'll be able to use for years to come.

We've both lost weight, have increased energy levels, and have addressed our top health concerns. While Jason was actively trying to lose weight, and has dropped in excess of 30 pounds, I lost 10 pounds without even trying. Although we thought we made healthy choices before, we were able to make some significant changes and add certain things to our diets that we were missing-and we can really tell a difference in the way we feel.

We would highly recommend working with Angelina. She's extremely knowledgeable and provides
information and solutions that are customized to your particular situation. We are also happy to announce that we are now having twins. Not only did the tools we learned in the program clean out our bodies, and get them ready to conceive healthy children, but now we also know how to keep our family healthy and happy!

Coledia Poole

50, Claims Manager
The Fast Track Program

Angelina is the ultimate coach

I am happier and feel whole again.

Before working with Angelina, I was a workaholic. I took care of everyone else and struggled with eating well, losing weight, and strong sugar cravings. I would grab a Balance bar on my way out of the house, eat something quick for lunch (if I even ate at all), and come home ravenous, eating more than I should for dinner.

Now I am eating healthier, I am making better food choices, I am eating breakfast every day and feeling better about life overall. I understand the foods that make me feel good and the ones that make me feel bad. All the eating recommendations were extremely helpful, but the thing that made the biggest difference in my life is that I gained clarity on the way I want my life to go!

I am now taking care of me, spending time to nourish myself, going out with friends, asking myself what I want. She does not only focus on nutritional health but also on the mind, body and spirit. Angelina showed me the way back to regain my life. She made me feel confident again and led me to make the right decisions for my life.

Kate Collins

20, Full-time student at Webster University (with a full time job)
The Ultimate Transformation Program

My energy has increased exponentially

Angelina has really helped me get my health back on track. Being the
victim of a serious weight disorder throughout high school and into college, Angelina has helped me realize my true healthy potential, and I have acquired it with her encouragement and the miraculous step-by-step 6-month program!

Before I started working with Angelina, I lived off of peanut butter sandwiches and Nutri-Grain bars. I have the income of a typical college student paying for room and board. I ate meals once, maybe twice, a day and was living off of adrenaline to keep me going. I was constantly fatigued, sulky, and irritable. Now I eat three properly balanced meals a day with snacks in between ...and it's all within my (limited) budget! Everything I buy is made to last, and is still fresh and wholesome. I am no longer self-conscious about what I eat; I know that Angelina has specialized my program so my food is comforting to me and gives me the energy I need to live my turbulent lifestyle. It's amazing!

Three things that have been strengthened and refined thanks to Angelina and the program are my self-care practices, my energy, and my confidence in the kitchen. Being able to care for my body and soul has been an amazing improvement for my outlook on life, and for my stress level which was unhealthy and unreasonably high. My energy has increased exponentially which has mended my romantic and social lives-always a good thing! Lastly (but
not the least) I have come to truly love preparing nutritious, delicious meals for myself and my loved one!

Christie Derbin

39, American Diabetes Association Development
The Fast Track Program

I have a new confidence
and enthusiasm in the kitchen

Before working with Angelina, I was low on energy. I wanted more energy so that I could lead a fuller life with my family. I was not taking any time for myself because work was so busy. I was eating somewhat well, but I was self-sabotaging with chips, wine, and candy
bars. I now have a new mindset about how to take care of myself even though I am still as busy as I was when I began the program. I know how to plan my menu for the week ahead and prepare fast, healthy meals that are delicious. I have a new confidence and enthusiasm in the kitchen. I have simple, easy recipes and a toolbox of knowledge that will serve me for the rest of my life.

What I didn't expect from this program was the realization that I needed more "primary food" and less real food. I've identified what primary foods are important to me and have a plan to get them each and every week! I now have very few cravings for sweets. I highly encourage this program for anyone who wants to get healthy and stay that way. I'd be happy to share my experience with you if you have any questions.

Tammy Kershner

37, Biologist
The Total Support Program

A better understanding of my symptoms
and what I can do to eliminate them

When I started the program, I was experiencing great fatigue and unexplained depression. I couldn’t understand why I no longer had the energy to go out with friends or to do simple things around the house. I never felt rested after sleep. I often experienced "brain fog" and could not seem to get going until late morning.

Understanding my symptoms and what I can do to eliminate them has offered a great sense of relief. My pantry shelves now hold organic grains, beans, and healing condiments, rather than processed pastas, wheat snacks, and other toxic items. My coffee intake has been reduced from a pot a day to maybe 1 cup a week. I am choosing to cook more simple, organic meals rather than eating take out. My energy level has increased and my sleep is restful. I have less anxiety and feel like socializing again. I have switched to a healthier job
environment and I have the energy and enthusiasm to seek new job possibilities. My body is starting to detoxify and digest food more easily. I learned what is really meant by 'greens' and have found them to be a favorite food.

I will continue to incorporate all that I have learned as I continue to transform into a healthy lifestyle. I have found the information about fermented foods really useful. I will continue to eat sauerkraut after dinner and to have the kuzu root before bed. I have started meal planning and now shop with a list. I try to stick to my weekly meal plan as much as possible. I will also continue with the hot water scrub and coconut oil regime.

I could not have done it without Angelina. She is a open, honest and a genuine communicator. She does not impose her beliefs on her clients. She supplies information on a wide range of health disciplines and brings them all together for an individualized health program, while trusting the client to decide what works for his/her own health.

Gwen Naeger

30, Bank Rep
The Ultimate Transformation and 6-month Maintenance Program

Instead of just trying to loose weight,
I learned how to care for my whole body

I've struggled with my weight since I can remember. I've tried lots of different diet and none of them worked for me. For a long time I thought something was wrong with me. What I started to realize is that none of the diet really taught me anything about what they do in my body, how they effect my everyday life and health. I wanted to know more about how the foods worked...and that's when I met Angelina. She was exactly what I was looking for.

I started the program weighing 238 pounds. I was a binge eater. I'd eat even though I was not hungry. I did not have tons of energy after taking care of my three kids and working all day. I did cook at home, but not any of the right foods.

After 6 months of working with Angelina I lost 30 pounds, my energy increased, my digestion improved, my cravings went away ( and when they came back, I knew what to do), I do not overeat anymore, I feel relaxed, and I sleep like a baby. My family loves everything that I cook, we now try new foods all of the time, and my kids do a lot of the cooking. My husband lost 22 pounds and my friend from work lost 15 just by me teaching them what Angelina taught me in our sessions.

I could not have made these changes without Angelina. She was a constant support and she taught me so much about food that I will be able to use this information for the rest of my life. Instead of just trying to loose weight, she taught me how to care for my whole body. I felt great about my self image, I do not gain weight during the holidays, and I have now integrated in FUN exercise and have lost more weight.

Dianna Fine

63, Psychotherapist and recent grandmother
The Fast Track Program

Waking up in the morning feeling rejuvenated!

My daughter, son and daughter-in-law worked with Angelina first. I noticed at our family dinners they would bring new foods and were so excited to teach me about why we should eat more of them. Quickly I observed that they were looking healthier, happier, and were excited about losing weight. I myself had been feeling alright, but I was noticing that my joints were getting stiffer, my cholesterol was slowly creeping up, and I was anemic from time to time. I was tired upon waking and not exercising as much as I would like.

Since doing the program with Angelina my husband and I are eating healthier than ever before. My cholesterol has naturally lowered. My joints are feeling no-pain. I'm waking up in the morning feeling rejuvenated. I'm taking time to rest and practice self care, which helps me to be a better wife, mother, grandmother, friend, therapist, and anything else I choose to do! Overall, what I've enjoyed the most is knowing that my husband and I are now eating in a way that will prevent our bodies from degenerating. We know how to take care of our bodies on a daily basis and we will use these tools for years to come. If you have any questions about Angelina or the program, I'd love to answer them!

Angelina DeWeese

Holistic Weight Loss Coach
23 North Gore #208
Webster Groves
MO 63119 USA
(314) 570-1968